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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Below are reviews shared by customers that we were able to do business with. Read them and learn more about our service.

Perfect service for emergencies

Loud thuds reverberated down the hallway to the master bedroom. I checked where it was coming from and realised it was my teenage daughter’s bedroom. Apparently, the lock of her room’s door had been acting up but she, as explained by her, did not have the time to get it fixed. Now, she was in there locked, banging the door and calling for help. I wasted no time and rang this locksmith company in London who sent over their technicians quickly. Soon the door was unlocked and my daughter was free to our utmost relief. Thank you very much for swift and reliable service.

Beats our uncle-technician big time!

Back in Amsterdam, whenever our door got jammed our technician-uncle was always around to help as a repair guy. When we moved here, we didn’t know any locksmith company in London so when facing an unfortunate lockout situation, relied on the neighbours’ suggestions. This company’s reputation was compelling so I quickly hired them. They were amazing! What would take an hour for my uncle to repair, they completed in a few minutes. However, since we cannot brag about them to uncle, we express our appreciation here.

Rekeying the Locks

“After breaking up with my boyfriend I decided to rekey the locks on my flat. Even though he returned my keys I didn't want to take any chances on him possibly having an extra. My mom recommended Locksmith Beckenham. Their courteous and professional locksmith arrived at the scheduled time and quickly rekeyed both locks. The price was amazing and the service was great. I also recommended your services to my friend who also had a wonderful experience with having her locks rekeyed. Thank you so very much.”

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